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    The Port of Mahe

    Welcome to the port of Mahe

    This AI-generated guide, courtesy of ChatGPT, is tailored for cruise passengers visiting Mahe for the first time.

    General Port Information

    Mahe, the largest island in the Seychelles archipelago, welcomes you with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and lush landscapes. The port provides modern facilities ensuring a seamless experience for cruise passengers.

    Touristic Information

    Discover the natural beauty and cultural richness of Mahe. The island offers crystal-clear waters, diverse marine life, and a blend of Creole traditions and modern attractions.

    Transportation Options

    Train Services

    Mahe doesn't have a train system. However, other transportation options make it easy to explore the island.

    Bus Services

    Efficient bus services can take you to various attractions:

    • Beau Vallon Beach: 5 miles, 20 minutes
    • Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve: 15 miles, 45 minutes

    Other Means of Transportation

    Taxis and car rentals are readily available for a more personalized exploration of the island.

    Top 5 Attractions

    1. Beau Vallon Beach: A stunning white-sand beach with clear turquoise waters.
    2. Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve: Home to the rare Coco de Mer palm and unique bird species.
    3. Victoria Market: Explore local crafts, spices, and fresh produce in the vibrant market.
    4. Seychelles Natural History Museum: Discover the archipelago's rich biodiversity.
    5. Tea Factory and Plantations: Learn about Seychelles' tea production with scenic views.

    Nice to Know Facts

    • Mahe is home to the smallest capital city in the world, Victoria.
    • The island features granite mountains, rainforests, and beautiful coral reefs.
    • The official languages are Seychellois Creole, English, and French.

    Fun for Families

    Up to 6 Years Old

    Enjoy a family day at Beau Vallon Beach with its calm waters and sandy shores.

    Between 7-12 Years Old

    Visit the Seychelles Natural History Museum for an educational and interactive experience.

    13-18 Years Old

    Explore Vallée de Mai Nature Reserve for an adventurous hike and wildlife spotting.

    Popular things to do

    1. Snorkeling at Beau Vallon Beach: Dive into the vibrant marine life.

    2. Victoria Market Exploration: Immerse yourself in the local culture and flavors.

    3. Hike in Vallée de Mai: Discover the unique flora and fauna of the nature reserve.

    Local Food and Drinks

    • Octopus Curry: A popular Creole dish with local spices and flavors.
    • La Digue Coconut: Fresh coconut water straight from the island's coconut palms.
    • Takamaka Rum: Sample the local rum crafted in the Seychelles.


    Explore local crafts and souvenirs at the Victoria Market and along the quaint streets of the capital.

    Historical and Cultural Tours

    1. Victoria City Tour: Explore the capital's historical landmarks and vibrant markets.

    2. Tea Factory Visit: Learn about the island's tea production history.

    Local Customs

    Respect the local customs by greeting with a smile and engaging politely with the Seychellois people.

    Google Maps

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