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The magical world of cruising awaits you! If you have ever thought about going on a cruise but need advice, CruiseLegend™ is here to assist. We offer information to enhance your cruise and port experience. From deciding the right ship to providing information on the various destinations around the world, CruiseLegend™ is here to help.

What is it like to spend a vacation on a ship?

Try to imagine waking up in the morning and seeing a new place when you look outside. Imagine yourself visiting some of the most beautiful regions the world has to offer. A stress free environment that takes you places only your dreams dare to touch. All this and great food, entertainment, superb service and many ways for you to relax and enjoy. This is cruising!

Cruise lines work very hard to offer its guests the best vacation experience. Unique itineraries to explore parts of the world you would other wise never see. Culinary delights you would might otherwise never taste. Service and hospitality you cannot even imagine, so good. 

A cruise is for just about anyone, for all ages, families and for people with specific interests. It's all a matter of picking the right cruise for you! Choosing the right ship, an itinerary that appeals to you, and of course the best price. Eventhough price perception is relative, compared to many other vacation alternatives, cruising is often a nice bargain.

What can CruiseLegend offer

Cruiselegend™ is an independent website that aims to enhance your cruise and port experience. It's not about promoting cruising, it's about promoting the right combination of ship and itinerary. 

Whether you are an experienced cruiser or if you have never been on a cruise before, CruiseLegend™ has a lot to offer. CruiseLegend™ provides a platform to find answers to all you need to know about cruising. We wish you a pleasant stay on CruiseLegend.com

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