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    The Port of Arrecife

    Welcome to the port of Arrecife

    This guide is tailored for cruise passenger visiting Arrecife.

    General Port Information

    Arrecife, the vibrant capital of Lanzarote, welcomes you with its historic charm and modern amenities. The port is a gateway to the unique culture and landscapes of the Canary Islands.

    Touristic Information

    Discover Arrecife's blend of traditional Spanish architecture and contemporary attractions. Enjoy pristine beaches, cultural landmarks, and delightful local cuisine during your brief visit.

    Transportation Options

    Train Services to Touristic Locations

    • Playa del Reducto: Approx. 5 km, 15 mins
    • Cesar Manrique Foundation: Approx. 10 km, 25 mins

    Bus Services to Touristic Sites

    • Timanfaya National Park: Approx. 20 km, 45 mins
    • El Golfo: Approx. 15 km, 35 mins

    Other Means of Transportation

    Explore the city on foot or hire a taxi for a convenient and quick way to visit nearby attractions.

    Top 5 Attractions

    1. Playa del Reducto: Relax on the golden sands of this beautiful beach - Free
    2. Cesar Manrique Foundation: Explore the renowned artist's former home and studio - Admission fee
    3. Timanfaya National Park: Witness the otherworldly landscapes of volcanic terrain - Admission fee
    4. El Golfo: Visit the stunning green lagoon nestled in a volcanic crater - Free
    5. San Gabriel Castle: Discover the history of Arrecife at this iconic castle - Admission fee

    Nice to Know Facts

    1. Arrecife is named after the reefs and islets that protect its shoreline.
    2. Cesar Manrique, a famous local artist, greatly influenced the island's architectural style.
    3. The island is known for its sustainable tourism practices and commitment to preserving nature.

    Fun for Families

    Up to 6 years old

    Visit Playa del Reducto for a family-friendly beach day.

    Between 7-12 years old

    Explore the Pirate Museum in San Gabriel Castle for a swashbuckling adventure.

    13-18 years old

    Take a thrilling camel ride in Timanfaya National Park.

    Popular Things to Do

    1. Walk along the picturesque Charco de San Gines, a charming lagoon in the city center.

    2. Indulge in local tapas at the vibrant El Charco de San Gines area.

    3. Experience the nightlife at the lively Playa del Reducto promenade.

    Local Food and Drinks

    • Papas Arrugadas: Canary Islands' famous wrinkled potatoes served with mojo sauce.
    • Gofio: A traditional Canarian dish made from roasted grains, often used in various recipes.
    • Malvasia Wine: Try the local sweet wine produced on the island.


    Explore Calle Real for boutique shops, or visit the Marina Lanzarote Mall for a mix of international and local brands.

    Historical and Cultural Tours

    1. Cesar Manrique Foundation: Delve into the life and work of the influential artist.

    2. San Gabriel Castle: Learn about the history of Arrecife and enjoy panoramic views.

    3. El Charco de San Gines: Discover the historic quarter with its traditional architecture and vibrant atmosphere.

    Local Customs

    When greeting locals, a handshake and a friendly "Hola" are customary. It's polite to respect the siesta hours during the afternoon.

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