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The Port of Bari

Welcome to the port of Bari

This guide is tailored for cruise passenger visiting Bari.

General Port Information

Bari's port is an important Mediterranean cruise ship and ferry terminal, providing modern facilities and easy access to the city's historic center and regional attractions.

Touristic Information

Bari, a charming seaside city in Southern Italy, offers a rich blend of history, architecture, and vibrant street life. Explore the old town's narrow streets, visit the Basilica of Saint Nicholas, or enjoy the seaside promenade.

Transportation Options

Train Services

Local trains connect Bari with nearby attractions such as Polignano a Mare (33 km / 20.5 miles, 30-minute trip) and Alberobello (56 km / 34.8 miles, 1-hour trip).

Bus Services

Buses serve local beaches and towns, with routes to attractions like Castellana Caves (40 km / 24.9 miles, 45-minute trip).

Other Means of Transportation

  • Taxis: Available outside the terminal.
  • Bicycle Rental: A pleasant way to tour the city.
  • Walking: The old town and main sites are within walking distance.

Top 5 Attractions

  • Basilica of Saint Nicholas: A key religious site, free entry.
  • Castello Svevo: A medieval fortress, ticket required.
  • Bari Cathedral: A Romanesque building with historical significance, free entry.
  • Teatro Petruzzelli: The famous opera house, tour prices vary.
  • Piazza del Ferrarese: A bustling square surrounded by cafes and shops.

Nice to Know Facts

  • Bari is the capital of the Puglia region and known for its university and port.
  • The city is famous for its street food, particularly focaccia and panzerotti.
  • Bari hosts the Fiera del Levante, one of the oldest and largest trade fairs in the Mediterranean.

Fun for Families

For little ones, the Pane e Pomodoro Beach offers a sandy escape, while older children might enjoy exploring the Castello Svevo. Teenagers can take part in watersports along the coast.

Popular Things to Do

  • Stroll along the Lungomare: Bari's seaside promenade.
  • Visit Mercato di Poggiofranco: A local market for fresh produce and street food.
  • Enjoy a gelato: Try authentic Italian ice cream as you explore.

Local Food and Drinks

  • Orecchiette: A traditional pasta, often served with turnip tops or tomato sauce.
  • Primitivo Wine: A robust red wine from the Puglia region.
  • Caffè Speciale: A local coffee served with lemon peel and amaretto.


Via Sparano and Corso Cavour are the main shopping streets with a mix of high-end and local boutiques.

Historical and Cultural Tours

The Old Town of Bari offers walking tours that cover historic sites like the Basilica of Saint Nicholas and the Norman-Hohenstaufen Castle.

Local Customs

In Bari, it's common to greet with two kisses on the cheek. Meals are social events, often extended and enjoyed with family and friends.

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