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    The Port of Kristiansand

    The Port of Kristiansand

    This guide is tailored for cruise passenger visiting Kristiansand.

    Kristiansand is the fifth largest city in Norway with 85.000 inhabitants.

    There are two cruise docks in Kristiansand, both within easy walking distance to the town centre. The centre of Kristiansand is almost completely flat and easily accessible for wheelchair users. Tender is only used in Kristiansand if there are three cruise ships or more in town at the same time.

    The main cruise harbour is located at Silokaia a few steps from the performing arts centre, Kilden and around 450 meters from the popular fish marked. There is a small tourist information booth at the cruise harbour, which has the basic maps and information as well as postcards and some small souvenirs.

    The second dock, Lagmannsholmen, is approximately 550 meters from the fish marked.

    A small Hop On Hop Off train is available for cruise passengers from the harbour, around town and back.

    A Hop On Hop Off bus is available from the cruise harbour to the most popular sights in town. 

    Facts & Figures

    City: Kristiansand (Named after King Christian IV of Denmark-Norway)
    Area: the town centre is approximately 1 x 1 kilometer
    Population: 90 000
    Rank: Fifth largest city in Norway
    Continent: Europe
    Country: Norway
    Currency: NOK
    Language: Norwegian
    Timezone: Central European Time (CET) - UTC +1

    Country code: +47
    Country URL extension: .no

    Electricity: 220 V

    Opening hours store: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Weekdays, Thursdays till 7 p.m.
    10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Closed on Sundays.
    The majority of the shops and cafés accept Norwegian krone only.

    Credit card and debit cards are widely accepted.

    Average temperature: around 15 degrees Celsius in summer, around -3 degrees Celsius in winter.


    The majority of the shops in downtown Kristiansand are centered around the pedestrianised high street, Markens gate. On Markens you will find clothing stores, bookshops and stores for home decoration, to name a few. There are also plenty of cafés and restaurants on Markens. Particularly around the town square.

    Bookshops such as Berge Libris and Birting Libris do have a selection of souvenirs such as calendars, magnets and trolls. Look for the big trolls outside.

    For the smaller, independent stores visit the side streets off Markens, such as Skippergata, Gyldenløvesgate and Kristian IV’s gate.

    If you are looking for Norwegian and Scandinavian design products stores such as Husfliden and Den Blaa Dør may be what you are looking for. Husfliden has a large selection of traditional knitwear.

    There are several supermarkets in town for those who want the traditional Norwegian brown cheese and the delicious Norwegian chocolates. Kiwi, Rema 1000, Rimi, Co-Op Mega and Joker all have branches in the downtown area.

    For a larger shopping mall, you need to visit Sørlandssenteret outside town. Bus number M1 and 01 operate services there every fifteen minutes.

    General opening hours in town are:

    9 a.m. – 6 p.m on weekdays, Thursdays till 7 p.m.
    10 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Saturdays.
    Please note shops are closed in Norway on Sundays.

    The majority of the shops and cafés accept Norwegian krone only.

    Credit card and debit cards are widely accepted.

    A little curious fact:

    Markensgate has underfloor heating which is switched on during the winter. That way the street does not have to be manually cleared of snow.


    There are frequent bus services running from the town centre.

    The most popular routes for cruise passengers are:

    M1 / 01 – from the town centre to the zoo. The bus operates every 15 minutes Mondays – Saturdays (Sundays during school holidays only) and takes approximately 25 minutes.

    M1 and M2 – from the town centre to the Kristiansand Cannon Museum. Bus runs every half hour. And takes between 16 – 24 minutes (depending on route)

    M1 / 01 / M2 / M3 / 17 / 35 / 36 – from the town centre to the Kristiansand Museum, the open air museum. Takes approximately 10 minutes.

    13 – runs once an hour. Goes in a loop around the neighbourhood of Lund on the eastern side of the town centre (including Kuholmen, a vantage point overlooking town) before returning to town and continuing on the western side of town to Ravnedalen, a beautiful park and back into town. If you stay on the bus the ride takes 40 minutes. It is recommended to get off at Ravnedalen and catching a later bus back to town.

    All the buses mentioned above run from various stops in the town centre. Please check the akt.no website for details on schedules and fares.

    Buses out of Town

    There are two services running to Lillesand.
    Route number 39 is the scenic route that goes the old road via Høvåg. This service takes 1 hour and runs approximately every two hours.
    Route number 5 is the fast service that goes the motorway and operates every half hour.
    It is recommend togo to Lillesand by route 39 and returning by number 5.
    For busses connecting to the ferry in Høllen, use route number 40 which runs once and hour.
    Buses for Lillesand and Høllen depart from the bus station on Vestre Strandgate.
    The taxi stop is located next to the bus terminal. If cruise passengers require taxis to pick them up at the pier there are two companies in Kristiansand:
    Agder Taxi: 38 00 2000
    Taxi Sør: 380 28000
    Bike rental
    G. Nordby in Henrik Wergelandsgate rents out bikes
    This is what ChatGPT advices:

    General Port Information

    Kristiansand is a vibrant port located on Norway's southern coast. It is known for its bustling harbor, beautiful beaches, and as a gateway to the famous Norwegian fjords. The port is well-equipped to welcome cruise ship passengers, offering easy access to the city's attractions.

    Touristic Information

    Kristiansand is renowned for its cultural heritage, maritime activities, and family-friendly attractions. The city's compact layout makes it ideal for exploration on foot, with numerous museums, galleries, and historical sites within easy reach from the port.

    Transportation Options

    Train Services

    The Kristiansand Railway Station offers connections to several scenic destinations, including the town of Lillesand, approximately 27 km (16.7 miles) away, with a travel time of around 30 minutes.

    Bus Services

    Local buses are available for destinations such as the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, roughly 11 km (6.8 miles) from the port with a travel time of about 20 minutes.

    Other Means of Transportation

    Taxis, bike rentals, and electric scooters provide flexible options for visitors to explore Kristiansand and its surroundings.

    Top 5 Attractions

    1. Kristiansand Dyrepark: Norway's most visited attraction, featuring a zoo and amusement park. Pricing varies based on age and season.

    2. Posebyen: The old town of Kristiansand with well-preserved wooden houses dating back to the 18th century. Free access.

    3. Christiansholm Fortress: A coastal fortress offering historical insights and coastal views. No entrance fee.

    4. Agder Natural History Museum and Botanical Garden: A museum with natural history exhibits and a lovely botanical garden. Small entrance fee.

    5. Sørlandets Kunstmuseum: Art museum showcasing Norwegian art from the 1800s to today. Ticket purchase required.

    Nice to Know Facts

    1. Kristiansand is often referred to as the "Cool Riviera" for its sunny weather and numerous beaches.

    2. It is the birthplace of the famous Norwegian painter Edvard Munch.

    3. The city's name is derived from King Christian IV, who founded it in 1641.

    Fun for Families

    Up to 6 years old: Visit the city beach at Bystranda for a fun day in the sun with shallow waters and playgrounds.

    7-12 years old: The Pirate Tour in the city center offers an interactive historical experience.

    13-18 years old: The climbing park "Høyt & Lavt" provides adventurous high-rope courses and zip-lines.

    Popular Things to Do

    Stroll along the Kristiansand Boardwalk, lined with shops and restaurants.

    Explore the "Blindleia," a picturesque coastal inlet, by kayak or boat tours.

    Enjoy a performance at the Kilden Performing Arts Centre, known for its striking architecture.

    Local Food and Drinks

    1. Sørlandsklapsia: A traditional open-faced sandwich with shrimp.

    2. Norwegian Waffles: Heart-shaped and often served with sour cream and jam.

    3. Local Craft Beer: Try a selection from Kristiansand's microbreweries.


    Markens Street is the main shopping thoroughfare, featuring a variety of stores, while Sørlandssenteret is one of Norway's largest malls.

    Historical and Cultural Tours

    Guided tours are available for historical sites like the Kristiansand Cannon Museum and Odderøya, an island with rich military history.

    Local Customs

    In Kristiansand, it's customary to greet with a firm handshake and maintain direct eye contact. Tipping is appreciated but not mandatory.

    Notice: Content and travel advice presented is created by a port moderator and/or AI, courtesy of ChatGPT. It is specifically designed for cruise passengers visiting this port of call. A port moderator could be a local individual, destination expert, port authority, or a tourism agency. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we recommend that you verify critical information like visas, health and safety, customs, and transportation with official sources before departure.