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    The Port of Athens

    Port of Athens

    This guide is tailored for cruise passengers visiting Athens. Athens, the cradle of Western civilization, beckons you with its rich history, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culture. Cruise passengers are in for a treat as they explore the birthplace of democracy and philosophy.

    Welcome to Athens, Greece. Athens, a city where the ancient and the modern coexist, offers a captivating blend of historical sites, lively markets, and delectable cuisine. Make the most of your short visit by diving into the heart of this extraordinary city. You will be docking in Pireaus, right next door to Athens. 

    Top 5 Attractions

    1. Acropolis and Parthenon: Explore the ancient citadel. (Entrance fee may apply)
    2. Plaka District: Wander through charming streets with traditional shops and cafes.
    3. National Archaeological Museum: Discover Greece's rich history. (Entrance fee may apply)
    4. Temple of Olympian Zeus: Marvel at the colossal ancient temple ruins. (Entrance fee may apply)
    5. Monastiraki Flea Market: Shop for souvenirs and local crafts.

    Nice to Know Facts

    • Athens is one of the world's oldest continuously inhabited cities, with a history spanning over 3,400 years.
    • Greek is the official language, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas.
    • Athens hosted the first modern Olympic Games in 1896.


    Some useful words in Greek:
    good day – kalimera
    good bye - adio
    yes/no - ne/ochi

    Facts and Figures

    City: Athens
    Continent: Europe
    Country: Greece
    Population: (2012)
    Currency: EURO (€)
    Language: Greek but most of the people speak fluenty English
    Average temperature: Winter time from 5C- 15C, Spring time from 13C-18, Summer time from 20C-40C

    Country code: +30
    Country URL extension: .gr
    Electricity: 220V (standard European connectors)
    Opening hours stores: Monday-Wednesday-Saturday from 09:00-15:30, Tuesday-Thursday-Friday 09:00-15:30 & 17:30 -20:00. Most of the malls and supermarket though stay open all day from 09:00-18:00(Monday-Wednesday-Saturday) and from 09:00-20:00(Tuesday-Thursday-Friday). Sunday shops are closed.
    Drinking age: Drinking is allowed over 18 years old
    Smoking: Smoking is allowed over 18 years old. By law it is not allowed to smoke in indoor areas but most of the coffee houses & restaurants will allow you to smoke inside.
    Timezone: Central European Time (CET) - UTC +1


    The Archaelogical Museum of Piraeus

    A hidden gem just 10 minutes walking from the port that features mostly sculptures found in Piraeus. A sample of the unique collection one can find is:
    - 4 bronze statues(ancient Kouro, Apollo, Artemis, Athena)
    - a bronze tragic mask of 4th century B.C
    - tomb sculptures
    - statue of the mother of Gods of 4th century B.C

    Open: Tuesday-Sunday 08:30-15:00

    The Hellenic Maritime Museum at Piraeus
    It hosts the whole Greek Navy’s history from the ancient days until today.

    Open Tuesday- Saturday 09:00-14:00. Main entrance fee € 4.00, students € 1,50 and 50% discount for people over 65 y.o.

    The New Museum of Acropolis at the city center of Athens
    For detailed info you can visit http://www.theacropolismuseum.gr/

    Food & Drinks

    Except of the coffees everyone knows such as Greek coffee, instant coffee, espresso & cappuccino you can order especially at summer time cold coffees.
    The most famous one is “Frappe” which is instant coffee that you blend it with sugar(if you want) and water in order to form a foam. You add then ice, water and milk(if you want) … it’s ready and refreshing.
    “Freddo Cappuccino” which is cold cappuccino; it is made with two shots of espresso coffee then you add ice and cold frothed milk on the top.
    “Freddo Espresso” which is a cold double espresso; it is made with two shots of espresso and you blend it with sugar(if you want) in order to form a foam. Then you add ice and it’s ready to enjoy it!
    You can also add a scoop of ice cream(preferably vanilla) at the Frappe and the Freddo cappuccino and taste them in a different way!
    Don’t forget to try the Greek Beer (Mythos, Fix, Alfa) and of course ouzo or tsipouro. Make sure that you accompany it with some “meze” as both of them are strong. 


    Throughout history, Athens has been one of the most important and influancial cities in the western world.

    Today Athens is a home for 4.5 million people and covers an area of 165 square miles. Athens grew to a city of historic importance around the 8th century BC when it became the artistic center of Greece. This period was known as the Golden Age of classical Greek culture and produced some of the most influential historical figures of the Western world, such as – Sophocles, Euripides, Hippocrates, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.  

    Piraeus is located 7 miles from the center of Athens and it has been Athens port since the early 5th century BC. The city became an economic center. The population has now reached 600 000.  


    The main roads for shopping are Iroon Polytechniou, Grigoriou Labraki, Vasileos Georgiou and Defteras Merarchias.

    Every Sunday there is a big open market that is going on at Alipedou Street where you can find anything you can think about. Be careful though; it’s really crowded. In Greece there are sales twice a year. From 15th of January to end of February and from 15th of July to end of August.

    If you decide to go down town Athens make sure you make a stop at “Monastiraki” (the ISAP train has a stop there) where is the flea market with the souvenir shops and many traditional products.

    Greek Tastes & Unique Souvenirs:

    • Mastic; it’s a natural product from the trees of the island of Chios. The tree grows only at Chios Island and it can be used at cooking, as a drink, as a chewing gum etc
    • Olives and olive oil from different regions of Greece
    • Avgotaracho; is the caviar of Greece
    • Drinks: retsina, tsipouro, raki, ouzo
    • Krocus Kozani; the Greek “safran”
    • Macedonian Halva
    • Brandy Metax

    Things to Do


    Piraiki is located between Marina Zeas and the port and this area is by the coastline. From the port you can catch bus No 904 and get off at KALABAKA stop. It’s the beginning of the main area of Piraiki and from there you can walk by the seaside all the way to the picturesque small port with a lovely chapel on the rocks. The roads has plenty cafes, bars, fish restaurants and “ouzeris”. You must try fresh fish, octopus, kalamari and all the Greek “meze” accompanied with ouzo or tsipouro of course. Before you order always check the menu pricelist!


    The Zea Marina at Pasalimani is the home of the most luxury and impressive yachts and cruise ships. The coastline is full with restaurants, tavernas and cafes and the view of the yachts is breathtaking. In the evening it gets really busy with all different kind of people enjoying a drink at the bars or dinner by the seaside. It’s really nice to explore Pasalimani on foot. Enjoy a coffee or a cocktail at the cafés by the seaside and the reflections of the blue of the sky and the sea will enchant you. You will see a lot of young people there during the day as the University of Piraeus is close by.


    A romantic little port with traditional fishing boats, sailing boats and yachts and charming tavernas(especially for fish) at the one side and lovely cafes at the other side. Make sure you check the menu before entering a restaurant as some of the fish restaurants are expensive


    One of the most beautiful and picturesque areas of Piraeus. A really elegant, wealthy and popular neighborhood, that make you feel that you are travelling through time while walking around the traditional houses. From the top of the hill of Profitis Ilias you can see the whole Saronic Gulf and a panoramic view of Piraeus city. The view is absolutely stunning and perfect for photos. Next to the church of Profitis Ilias there is a café and a bowling place to rest after so much walking.

    FUN TIP: Blue Route of Open Top Double Decker Bus that take you a tour to Piraeus and the city center Athens.

    Starting point: Cruise Ship terminal
    Duration: 60-70 minutes
    Departures: Every 30 minutes from 08:-21:00(program changes off season)
    Ticket Cost: Adults € 22.00, children(6-14y.o.) € 9.00


    1. Akti Miaouli- Piraeus Port
    2. Lions Gate
    3. Archeological Museum of Piraeus
    4. Mikrolimano Harbor
    5. The Planetarium
    6. Temple of Zeus/ New Museum of Acropolis
    7. Acropolis & Parthenon
    8. Municipal Theatre at Piraeus

    You can get off at any stop and then join a later bus and at the Acropolis stop the Blue route of Piraeus meets the Red Route of Athens.

    Athens City Center: A visit to the historical center of Athens it really worth it and you can explore many different areas.
    Acropolis: The most famous spot in Athens is Acropolis where you can go up the hill and explore the Parthenon, the Temple of the Athens Victory and the Erechtheion.
    Thisseio: You can walk at the pedestrian area of “Thisseio” where the “Ancient Agora” is located; in the ancient time it used to be an important political, cultural and religious center. All the way there are small cafes where you can have your drink with the view of Acroplis.
    Anafiotika: Another area that is not so famous to many people but is really charming is “Anafiotika” near Plaka. “Anafi” is an island at the Cyclades complex and the people that left the island created a small neighborhood with all the elements of their island; small white houses with colorful windows, small alleys and yards full with flowers. You will not regret it!!!
    Plaka: Plaka” area is the oldest area in the city center and it is also know as the “neighborhood of the Gods”. Walking by the beautiful neoclassical houses you will fell that you are travelling back in time.


    Maximize your time in Athens with these transportation options:

    • Taxis: Convenient for quick and direct travel within the city.
    • Metro: An efficient way to reach major attractions like the Acropolis and Plaka.

    Easily Accessible Destinations:

    • Acropolis: The iconic symbol of Athens, only 3 km (1.86 miles) from the port, accessible in 10 minutes by taxi.
    • Plaka: The charming old town, approximately 5 km (3.1 miles) from the port, a 15-minute taxi ride away.

    Train Station (ISAP)

    Right outside the port is the Train Station (ISAP) that takes you directly to down town Athens. You can get off at "Monastiraki Stop" if you want to visit the flea market or "Thisseio" stop if you want to start your visit from the "Ancient Agora". At "Monastiraki" stop there is a connection with the Metro/Underground where you can get off at "Acropolis" stop and visit "Parthenon" and the "New Museum of Acropolis". The ticket to all public transportation means costs € 1,40 per person and it is valid for 1 ½ in all transportation means. Make sure you validate your ticket inside the transportation mean you will choose.

    There are also buses, trolleys and taxis available at most exits of the port. Just ask which one is the right one for the area you want to visit.


    For visiting Piraiki from the port you can catch bus No 904 and get off at KALABAKA stop.
    The bus that goes to the airport El.Venizelos is X96 and the cost is € 5.00 pp; it runs 24/7 approximately every 20 min.
    Bus 040 takes from Piraeus to Syntagma Square in Athens and bus 049 takes you from Piraues to Omonia Square in Athens. You need to walk about 10 min to reach the bus stop from the port.


    Taxi from to Piraues to the city center of Athens should cost approximately € 20-25 (depending on traffic and time) and the ride is about 30 min.

    Local Foods

    Indulge in the flavors of Greek cuisine:

    • Moussaka: Layers of eggplant, minced meat, and béchamel sauce.
    • Souvlaki: Grilled meat skewers, a popular street food item.
    • Tzatziki: A refreshing yogurt and cucumber dip.

    Local Customs

    Greeks are known for their hospitality and warmth. It's customary to greet with a friendly "Kalimera" (good morning) and to say "Efharisto" (thank you) when receiving a service. Modest dressing is appreciated when visiting religious sites.

    Fun for Families

    Up to 6 Years Old: Enjoy a playful day at the National Garden of Athens.

    7-12 Years Old: Explore the fascinating exhibits at the Museum of Greek Children's Art.

    13-18 Years Old: Discover ancient history with a visit to the Acropolis and its museum.

    Google Maps

    The port of Pireaus/Athens on Google Maps

    Local Tourism Office

    Discover more about Athens - Local Tourism Office

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