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    The Port of Vancouver

    Welcome to the port of Vancouver

    This guide is tailored for cruise passenger visiting Vancouver.

    General Port Information

    Vancouver, a jewel on Canada's west coast, welcomes you with a stunning blend of mountains, ocean, and urban sophistication. The cruise port, conveniently located near the city center, ensures easy access to Vancouver's captivating attractions.

    Touristic Information

    Experience the best of Vancouver, where outdoor adventures meet cultural delights. Enjoy diverse neighborhoods, lush parks, and a thriving arts scene against a backdrop of picturesque landscapes.

    Transportation Options

    Train Services

    Explore nearby destinations by train:

    • Stanley Park: 3 km, approximately 10 minutes.
    • Granville Island: 5 km, approximately 15 minutes.

    Bus Services

    Discover these attractions by bus:

    • Grouse Mountain: 15 km, approximately 30 minutes.
    • Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: 10 km, approximately 20 minutes.

    Other Means of Transportation

    Utilize SeaBus, SkyTrain, or explore the city on foot for a well-rounded Vancouver experience.

    Top 5 Attractions

    1. Stanley Park: A vast urban park offering scenic seawall walks, Totem Poles, and the Vancouver Aquarium.
    2. Granville Island: A vibrant district with a public market, artisan shops, and street performances.
    3. Grouse Mountain: Experience outdoor activities, including skiing, zip-lining, and stunning mountain views.
    4. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park: Walk among treetops on suspension bridges and explore the thrilling Cliffwalk.
    5. Canada Place: A iconic waterfront facility with shopping, dining, and panoramic city views.

    Nice to Know Facts

    • Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the most livable cities globally, known for its high quality of life.
    • The city's multiculturalism is reflected in diverse culinary options, from sushi to poutine.
    • Visit in spring to see cherry blossoms, enhancing the city's natural beauty.

    Fun for Families

    Up to 6 Years Old

    Enjoy the interactive exhibits at the Vancouver Aquarium in Stanley Park.

    Between 7-12 Years Old

    Experience the thrill of Grouse Mountain's outdoor adventures and wildlife encounters.

    13-18 Years Old

    Conquer the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park's thrilling attractions and treetop adventures.

    Popular things to do

    1. Cycle or walk along the Stanley Park Seawall for breathtaking waterfront views.

    2. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Granville Island's public market and artisan shops.

    3. Take a scenic Skyride to the top of Grouse Mountain for panoramic views of the city and mountains.

    Local Food and Drinks

    • Salmon: Indulge in fresh Pacific salmon, a local culinary delight.
    • Japadog: Try a Japanese-style hot dog with unique toppings for a tasty street food experience.
    • Nanaimo Bar: Enjoy this Canadian dessert, featuring layers of crumbly crust, custard, and chocolate.


    Robson Street and Pacific Centre are popular shopping destinations, offering a mix of high-end brands and local boutiques.

    Historical and Cultural Tours

    Explore the Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia for insights into Indigenous cultures.

    Local Customs

    Canadians are known for their politeness; saying "sorry" and "thank you" is customary. Tipping around 15-20% is standard in restaurants.

    Google Maps

    City Center on Google Maps

    Cruise Ship Terminal on Google Maps

    Notice: Content and travel advice presented is created by a port moderator and/or AI, courtesy of ChatGPT. It is specifically designed for cruise passengers visiting this port of call. A port moderator could be a local individual, destination expert, port authority, or a tourism agency. While every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, we recommend that you verify critical information like visas, health and safety, customs, and transportation with official sources before departure.