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The Port of Adelaide

Welcome to Adelaide

by Travelling Journeys

Welcome to Adelaide, a city I'm excited to introduce to you! Our journey begins at the picturesque River Torrens, which we can follow all the way to the vibrant downtown shopping area. During our stroll, we'll be joined by charming ducks and swans, and we might catch sight of Popeye, a quaint riverboat, as it shuttles visitors to the nearby zoo. Funi and Wang Wang, two lovable giant pandas on loan from China, will be there, delighting tourists with their bamboo-munching antics.

As we continue, a magnificent fountain will catch your eye, and to your left, you'll spot the heritage bandstand and the Festival Centre. Adelaide, renowned as "The Festival State," hosts numerous international productions, adding to the city's cultural vibrancy. Adelaide's architectural landscape seamlessly blends heritage and modern structures, with the Adelaide Convention Centre as a prime example. This architectural gem, perched proudly on the riverbank, features a captivating concave window offering panoramic views, including the grand St. Peter's Cathedral. Don't resist the temptation to pause on its deck, where colorful umbrellas invite you to savor a glass of South Australian wine from the globally renowned Barossa Valley.

For those visiting, a stay at one of our international hotels, like the conveniently located Intercontinental, may be in order. Now, let's set our sights on the shopping adventure!

Meet our unique animal and bird life.

Rundle Mall

This is considered as Adelaide's shopping haven, where traffic is prohibited, allowing you to leisurely explore hundreds of shops and cafes. Here, you'll discover a wide array of treasures, from souvenir koalas and kangaroos to ugg boots and Aboriginal artifacts. Many tourists are drawn to Haigh's choco2lates, particularly the giant chocolate frogs. Haigh's can be found in the historic Adelaide Arcade, a building that transports you back in time, having been completed in 1885 and being the first business in Australia to have electric lighting. Its tessellated tiled floor and heritage lighting create a charming atmosphere, making it a perfect spot for a coffee break.

Further along, we'll meet four delightful bronze sculptures in Rundle Mall: Oliver, Augusta, Horatio, and Truffles. They are sure to bring smiles, especially Oliver with his nose in a bin. Beyond, we'll venture into Rundle Street, the city's entertainment hub, with theaters, cafes, and international designer stores. This area comes alive in the evening, with people taking advantage of our Mediterranean climate, filling the footpaths with diners.

Views along the River Torrens (left) and Adelaide Convention Centre, Festival Centre and Bandstand (right)

Now, let's head to Adelaide's cultural precinct, North Terrace.

North Terrace

It is just a brief five-minute walk from Rundle Mall. This wide boulevard is lined with trees and heritage buildings, often compared to a smaller but equally beautiful Champs-Elysées. The buildings here feature mellow, locally quarried sandstone, all adorned with arches, turrets, and stained glass. Along North Terrace, you'll find the Art Gallery, where you might spot the exhibition "Turner From The Tate." Further down the terrace, you'll come across the Museum, the Library, Parliament House, Government House, University buildings, the Railway Station, and the elegant Casino. Be sure to pause and pay your respects at the War Memorial to honor the brave men who sacrificed their lives for us.

As I bid farewell, if I were a tourist, I'd consider checking into one of our five-star hotels on North Terrace, planning my next day's adventure. It could involve a trip to the Barossa Valley or Southern Vales wine regions, where South Australian wines are celebrated worldwide. Alternatively, a ferry ride to Kangaroo Island, home to remarkable wildlife such as sunbathing seals, pelicans, koalas, and various other forms of wildlife in their natural habitat, would be a captivating experience. Wishing you happy travels!

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The Port of Adelaide

About the City: Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, stands out for its extraordinary history as the only Australian city not founded by convict settlers. Surrounded by expansive parklands, it serves as a gateway to the outback, offering a unique blend of urban and natural experiences. Located near two renowned wine regions, the Barossa Valley, settled by German migrants, and the delightful McLaren Vale just a short 25-minute drive away, Adelaide is a paradise for wine and food enthusiasts.

The city's picturesque setting is further enhanced by its proximity to beautiful beaches and rolling hills, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a rich combination of wine, culinary delights, and natural beauty.

The Port:  Outer Harbor in Adelaide has a rich maritime history, having hosted numerous world-famous cruise liners over the years. Although a new cruise terminal was commissioned in the early 1970s, it saw limited use during a period when international air travel gained prominence. However, in November 2009, the terminal underwent a significant upgrade, transforming it into a more welcoming and efficient gateway for visitors, enhancing passenger experiences and flows. This transformation has breathed new life into Outer Harbor, solidifying its place as a significant port in the region and contributing to the charm of Adelaide as a city of both historical significance and contemporary appeal.

Facts & Figures
City: Adelaide (5th largest city in Australia after Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth)
Continent: Australia
Country: Australia
Province/State: South Australia

Area: 1826 sq km
Population: 1.3 million (2012)
Currency: Australian Dollar
Language: English

Average temperature: As cruise ships normally visit Adelaide in the Summer season (November-March), the daytime temperature can easily reach the mid to high 30°C’s, sometimes even up to the low 40°C’s, but not very often. The temperature normally averages in the high 20°C’s.

Country code: +61
Country URL extension: .au
Electricity: 220-240 V

Store Opening hours: Mon-thurs 9 - 5.30 friday 9 - 9 Sat. 9 - 5, Sunday 11-5
Timezone: GMT + 9:30 hours

Some More Facts About Adelaide

  • The only state in Australia not settled by convicts.
  • A planned city surrounded by park lands.
  • Has the closest accessible beaches of any australian capital city.
  • Is the opal capital of the world.
  • Is home to adelaide festival of arts and fringe festival.
  • Voted most livable city in australia for the third consecutive year.


Rundle Mall, in the heart of Adelaide, is great for shopping, featuring over 600 retail outlets including major department stores, as well as little boutique shops, cafes, and souvenir shops. There are often buskers and street performers throughout Rundle Mall as well. The Central Market offers a wide range of local produce.

Only a 45 minute tram ride from the Adelaide Railway Station, Jetty Road at Glenelg Beach is also lined with shops and cafes. 

Currency: In Adelaide, as in the rest of Australia, the official currency is the Australian Dollar (AUD), widely accepted for transactions and purchases.

WiFi: While WiFi availability is prevalent in many public areas, hotels, and businesses across Adelaide, it's advisable to check with specific establishments for their WiFi access policies and any associated charges.

Climate: Adelaide enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. This four-season climate makes it an attractive destination for visitors throughout the year.

Language: The primary language spoken in Adelaide is English, reflecting the broader linguistic landscape of Australia. English is the predominant and official language used for communication in the city.

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Getting around Adelaide is easy with public transport. There is a free “City-Loop” bus running every 20 minutes seven days a week. The tram is free throughout the CBD, however a ticket is required if you are travelling further (ie to Glenelg Beach). If you are planning on catching public transport while in Adelaide (plus to and from the ship), a day-trip ticket is recommended ($9.40) otherwise, single trip tickets can be purchased ($5.00 all times, or $3.10 between 9:01am to 3pm), which are valid for 2 hours from time of first validation, and work on all Adelaide Metro buses, trains and trams. Tickets can be purchased onboard the train or tram. Taxis are also available from the wharf for passengers wishing to do their own thing. 

Some cruise lines may offer a free shuttle bus service for passengers to transport them between the ship and the city (drop off point is normally near the Rundle Mall shopping precinct, however this may vary by cruise line).

The Adelaide City Council offers FREE bicycle hire throughout the city. To hire a bicycle, all you need is your passport or driver's licence, which will be held as a deposit, and returned to you when you return your bike to the point of hire. You can hire bikes from various locations around the city including the Adelaide Council office in Pirie St, or the Convention Centre on North Terrace. They are only available during the day, but unavailable when the forecast temperature for Adelaide is 38 degrees Celcius or above.

Adelaide is also home to the only guided busway track in the southern hemisphere – the Adelaide O-Bahn. Specially equipped buses travel at speeds up to 100km/h along the busway, from North Adelaide to the Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre at Modbury, in the north-east suburbs. The 12km journey on the track can be completed in as little as 10 minutes on an express service, however, the average journey is around 20 minutes.

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