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CruiseLegend™ (CruiseLegend.com) is an independent website that gives its users a platform on which they can obtain information. The CruiseLegendApp is an application designed to present cruise ship and port information to its users. We recommend all users to familiarize with this disclaimer prior to use of any part of this site and all of its functionalities. 

Accuracy of Information

The information provided on CruiseLegend.com, including cruise itineraries and port schedules, is sourced from publicly available and reliable data. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information. It is provided for general informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as the sole source of information for making travel or business decisions. We strive to keep the information as accurate as possible but specifically warn our users not to rely on this data when cruising yourself. Ports, dates and times change frequently. CruiseLegend cannot be held responsible for any damages of any kind that are incurred due to presenting faulty information.

Acceptance of our Disclaimer, Terms and Code of Conduct

By visiting, viewing, accessing or utilization of any information and/or services created, collected, compiled and/or submitted to the CruiseLegend™ website, you agree to be bound by the terms as mentioned in the disclaimer, terms of use and code of conduct. You understand, agree and acknowledge that these terms constitute a legally binding agreement between you and CruiseLegend™ and that use of this website shall indicate your conclusive acceptance of this agreement. You understand and agree that use of CruiseLegend™ is entirely at your own risk and that our services are provided in the manner presented. Furthermore, you acknowledge that the disclaimer, terms and code of conduct may be altered at any time without prior consent.

External Content and Submission of Content

When you submit any form of content to CruiseLegend™, you hereby also permit CruiseLegend™ to publish, display, modify, distribute and cluster the content to a worldwide audience. You confirm and guarantee that you have the required authority in relation to the submission of any content that is constrained to copyright, proprietary rights and/or other restrictive rules and regulations.
Proprietary Rights (unregistered trade mark™ /service markSM /copyright ©/registered trademark ®)

You acknowledge and agree that CruiseLegend™ may contain proprietary and/or confidential information including trademarks, service marks, copyrights and patents protected by intellectual property laws and international intellectual property agreements. Any third-party trademarks, service marks and/or logos are the property of their respective owners. Any further content subject to specific rights not specifically established herein is reserved.

Users of CruiseLegend™ shall not copy, download or reproduce any item on this site that is protected by the above mentioned rights. Users are not allowed to submit any pictures, texts or any other material that is protected in any way. Any reproduction, distribution or re-publication of any material found on this site, whether posted by users, administrators or any third party members is strictly prohibited without prior consent from CruiseLegend™.

Partnership and Links to other Websites

The CruiseLegend™ website may contain (hyper) links to third party websites. CruiseLegend™ is not responsible for any content on third party websites and the disclaimer(s) and/or privacy statement(s) valid for those site(s). CruiseLegend™ does not guarantee or endorse any information or products provided or promoted at these sites. For this reason the user is encouraged to read and familiarize with the site disclaimer and privacy statement they visit and/or are directed to. CruiseLegend™ maintains partnerships with other companies whose products and/or services may be advertised on the CruiseLegend™ website and for which CruiseLegend™ may receive financial compensation. CruiseLegend™ is not in any way responsible for the results that are a consequent from follow up on information provided or advice given by our own or other websites. CruiseLegend™ shall not be liable for any damages including, but not limited to, financial damages, personal injury and/or other damages related to the use of this site and cannot provide compensation in any way.

Scope of advice

If you need specific travel advice including choice of cruise line, cruise ship, cruise itinerary, pricing, date of travel, airline, airport or any other segment of your vacation, please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area. CruiseLegend™ solely distributes opinions by authors, reviewers and submitted content. This information is not subjected to any formal peer review. None of the contributors, sponsors, advertisers, moderators of ports, administrators, or anyone else connected with CruiseLegend™ in any way whatsoever can be responsible for the content of any inaccurate, controversial or libelous information or for your use of the information presented on the website. Users acknowledge that advice is subjective and may not be conform the users taste, preference and/or perception of quality issues.

Content on CruiseLegend.com and the CruiseLegend App

CruiseLegend works hard to keep all data accurate and up-to-date. Despite great effort errors can always occur. Do not use the data presented on CruiseLegend as a fact, always verify with travel documents and information provided by the cruise lines or travel agencies. Data presented on CruiseLegend may alter, could consist of inaccuracies or be based upon opinion. CruiseLegend recommends all users to always check and verify the data presented. CruiseLegend cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from the use or interpretation from our website. An example of wrongful data could be departure times of cruise ships. We strongly recommend users to check with the cruise lines and/or ship for correct departure times.

Limitation of Liability

You understand and agree that CruiseLegend™ and any of its subsidiaries or affiliates shall in no event be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other types of damages. This shall include, but not be limited to damages of a personal matter and business related damages. Damages for loss of profits, business interruption, business reputation and goodwill, loss of information or other intangible loss shall not be compensated in any way. CruiseLegend™ shall not be liable for any issues arising from of the use of, the inability to use the service or information presented or the deletion or corruption of any content on CruiseLegend™. The above limitation shall apply whether or not CruiseLegend™ has been advised of or should have been aware of the possibility of such damages.


You explicitly understand and agree to submit to the personal and exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the country, state, province or territory determined solely by CruiseLegend™ to resolve any legal matter arising from this agreement or related to use of CruiseLegend™. If the court of law having jurisdiction, rules that any provision of the agreement is invalid, then that provision will be removed from the terms and the remaining terms will continue to be valid.


CruiseLegend™ takes reasonable measures and precautions to protect its users. We can however not guarantee these precautions to be successful at all times. We strongly encourage all users to refrain from submitting personal information they do not wish to share in any form of communication made possible on CruiseLegend™ including, but not limited to private messaging, social-profiles, twitter, forums and/or e-mailing. CruiseLegend™ strongly recommends not exchanging any information that could jeopardize any security issues.

CruiseLegend™ is not liable for any damages incurred due to actions from hackers or other persons or parties aiming to harm the integrity of CruiseLegend™. CruiseLegend™ reserves the right to notify authorities when any attempt is made to hack, trespass or any other way to jeopardize any security issues. This includes obtaining, altering, collecting and/or distributing, in any way, any data from the users of CruiseLegend™. Spreading viruses, worms, spiders, trojan horses or other mechanisms aimed to harm, destroy, alter, collect and/or damage any aspect relating to the website is prohibited at all times.

Information Collected by CruiseLegend™

Please read our Privacy Policy

CruiseLegend™ makes use of cookies in order to allow user’s computers to recognize a previous visit to the website and some of the preferences submitted. It will allow users to navigate more efficiently upon returning to the site. Our cookies are non-executable and are simply used to maximize user satisfaction upon visiting our website.

User IP addresses are recognized and stored for statistical purposes and to determine location of a user in order to provide correct advertising.

Use of Information by CruiseLegend™

CruiseLegend™ reserves the right to use the information it collects to make statistical analysis of database content. This can include user details, submitted ratings, comments and other information. Any analysis made concerning user details will respect privacy aspects in mind. Situations could arise when CruiseLegend™ is requested to cooperate by law and provide individual or groupings of user data. In this case CruiseLegend™ will comply with authorities, which might result in giving your personal data to third parties.

CruiseLegend™ can use e-mail addresses provided to send specific notifications and/or newsletters. Users can at any time subscribe or unsubscribe to newsletters upon their own request. A user must be logged into their profile in order to make these changes.

Warning about Fraudulent Users

CruiseLegend™ is a free website for all users. We warn all our users to be aware of the fact that other users whom you directly or indirectly communicate with, may it be through forums, blogs, ratings including comments and/or private messaging, may not be who you perceive them to be. They may have fraudulent intentions which could possibly lead to personal harm or other types of damages including financial consequences. CruiseLegend™ does not approve of such actions and cannot take any responsibility or be held liable for such actions. CruiseLegend™ will cooperate within its reasonable power in order to make this website fraudulent free. CruiseLegend™ strongly encourages it users to NEVER submit any personal information users do not wish to communicate including but not limited to, address, race, religion and other possibly controversial preferences. Furthermore, users should NEVER submit, even when asked, any banking and/or credit card information, social security number, or any other personal ID numbers as third party users could use them in a fraudulent manner which could negatively harm the user and/or the integrity of this website.

Financial Transactions

CruiseLegend™ is a free web-based platform for all users. Under no circumstances will CruiseLegend™ ask for, request or any other way suggest for any payment for use of this site (with the exception of commercial advertisers whom CruiseLegend™ affiliates with). We strongly recommend not submitting, posting or providing any financial details including credit card data, bank details or any other representation for financial activity at any time.

Under 18

CruiseLegend™ recommends all under-aged users to ask parental permission before making a profile. CruiseLegend™ also advises users under the age of 18 to refrain from taking part in discussions on forums and/or blogs. Any content posted on an under aged user’s profile should be reviewed by a parent and/or guardian.

User Privacy

CruiseLegend™ respects the privacy of its users at all times. We strongly encourage all users to familiarize with the privacy terms which can be found on the home page of CruiseLegend™ and in the menu of our CruiseLegend App.

Terms of Use and Revisions

You agree and acknowledge that CruiseLegend™, is entitled to modify, improve or discontinue any of its services at its sole discretion and without prior notice even if it may result in users being prevented from accessing any information contained in it. Furthermore, you agree and acknowledge that CruiseLegend™ is entitled to provide services to you through subsidiaries or affiliated entities.

By using any of the CruiseLegend™ information or features, the user agrees to all terms stated in the privacy statement, terms of use, disclaimer and code of conduct. CruiseLegend™ reserves the right to make any changes in its privacy statement, terms of use, disclaimer and/or code of conduct at our sole discretion without prior notice. Changes to our code of conduct, disclaimer, terms of use, privacy statement or any or other legal document concerning CruiseLegend™ become effective on the date they are posted. Your continued use of CruiseLegend™ after any changes to terms will signify your agreement to be bound by them. We strongly advise all users to familiarize and stay up-to-date with the documents at all times. All users acknowledge that acceptance of the disclaimer upon registration will be valid for all current and future visits to the website.

Transfer of Ownership or Discontinuation

CruiseLegend™ reserves the right to temporarily suspend or entirely terminate all or part of its website activity for any reason without giving prior notice. CruiseLegend™ reserves the right to transfer ownership or rent in part or entirely the CruiseLegend™ website including content, features and user-data to any third party at any time and discretion without any prior notice.


If you have any questions and/or remarks concerning the disclaimer, terms of use, privacy policy and/or code of conduct of CruiseLegend™ please feel free to contact us at your discretion. We sincerely hope you enjoy your stay on our website and app.

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